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Baler accessories are some of the products or tools that can be used in the various steps of the baling process. These baler accessories can simplify and optimize the process, increasing its efficiency and productivity. Baler accessories include many different types of products that can be used in different programs. In the feeding process, there are conveyors and hoppers. In the strapping process, there are steel wires, plastic straps and other straps made of different materials. One thing is for sure, with the help of these baler accessories, our baling process will be smoother and investing in these baler accessories will be more profitable than simply spend on labor.

Metal chain conveyor

A chain conveyor is driven by a continuous chain and is mainly used to carry various materials especially the heavy loads into the feed opening of the baler machines. Metal chain conveyors use mechanical devices attached to moving parts. Sometimes, multiple chains are used to move pallets or hard-to-handle materials. The metal chain conveyors are more durable and easier to install than other conveyor and this makes them the preferred choice for different items. And compared to other conveyors, the metal chain conveyor can convey for more types of materials. Even the initial cost of the metal chain conveyor is higher, but the metal chain conveyor will have a longer using time and lower risk of broken and commonly only need small maintenance. All these features have proven that the metal chain conveyor is a long-time and valuable choices for your baling machines to meet the highest efficiency of the wastes management.

Belt conveyor

A belt conveyor is a material handling system that utilizes a continuous belt to transport materials or products. The belt extends in an endless loop between two end pulleys. The conveyor belt itself can be made up of a variety of materials that should be matched to the conditions in which the belt will operate. Most companies choose conveyor belts because they are cost effective. Belt conveyor systems are the simplest and cheapest type of conveyor. In addition to the obvious financial benefits through increased production speeds, belts are also cost-effective when compared to other types of conveyor systems, thanks in large part to the competitive pricing of PVC. In a belt system, material can be loaded from any position on the belt. In addition, cleaning of the continuous conveyor belt is very simple and easy.


The baler hopper is normally connected to the feed opening of the balers to enlarge the feed opening for materials, creating more rooms for materials loading. A hopper also can help prevent the materials from leaking especially when feeding some small and light materials like paper or some high rebound materials like plastic bottles. The hopper will simplify the feeding process and reduce the appearing of baler jam. When you want to have the automatic feeding, the hopper is the unmissable conjunction between the balers and the conveyors. And the baler hoppers can be customized to fit for your specific feeding needs.

Baling wires

Baling wires is a type of wire used for tying off the rectangular bales of hays, straws, or shredded grass and other agricultural materials. Meanwhile, it is also used in many non-agricultural applications such as banding together corrugated cardboard, paper, textiles, aluminum and other materials that are processed in the recycling industries. The wires are the hottest baling option which have a wide usage and high rigidity. The baling wires are various in types to accommodate for different baler machines or pressed bales such as the steel wire, galvanized steel wires, black annealed steel wires and etc. These baling wires will have some little distinguishes in the application but they are all in a higher price than other baling straps like the PP or PET straps.


The recycling procedures is complicated and time-taking, and it’s never an easy work for manually operating all these steps. Sometimes, the wastes or materials need to be shredded for a better baling and further better recycling. But if we manually cut the materials, workers will easily get injured and it is an impossible work to have all the pieces the same by manually cutting. The shredder can help to cut the materials like paper, plastic, cardboard, rubber and etc. into small pieces for fully compression and fully recycling, the thickness and the length of these pieces can be selected depending on your actual needs. The shredder can be one part of the baling system, it can be connected to the conveyors for achieving a higher efficiency and productivity. Owing to the small pieces, the baler will not easily get jammed and will have a smoother baling process.

PP bags

Polypropylene also known as the PP is a tough, rigid, and crystalline thermoplastic that widely be used in our daily life. For the baling process, the PP is normally used as the pp baling straps. But not all the bales need to be tied by wires or PP straps, some materials need to be specially treated like textile, agricultural raw materials, and other materials which need to avoid the moisture. They are all need to be wrapped with covers for a better storage and transportation. The PP bags stand out of all the wrapping materials due to its excellent water resistance, and there are a series of PP bags such as the PP woven bags and PP ton bags for different materials and application. What’s more, another important thing about the PP bags is that all these PP bags can be reused or recycled after using them which is an environmentally friendly choice.

Sorting system

Recently days, more and more wastes are produced by our daily movements. Recycling, backfilling and energy recovery prevent these wastes from being sent to landfills. Sorting systems are a key part of this process. The sorting system often used in the places that have large volume of wastes like the distribution center and the recycling center. An effective sorting system can increase the amount of recyclable waste and improve the quality of recycled materials. Meanwhile, the sorting system is usually applied with the baler machines to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the waste management. The sorting system can quickly select the unnecessary materials out before these materials be transferred to the baler machines to do the final baling. Our sorting systems are comprehensive solutions for separating mixed material by the types. We also can customize the whole systems to suit your specific needs.

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