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There is nothing in this world only have one absolute cause and effect which means the cause can be decide by several different conditions. The prices of the baling machines also follow to this rule and the prices can be affected by the following factors:

Types & applications

The baling machines are various in types and applications. There are a lot of different types of baling machines like lifting chamber baler machines, lifting door baler machines, auto tied baler machines and so on. The same as applications, some baling machines are for cardboard baling, some are for textile pressing and some for versatile usage. There will be some distinguishes of the prices among all these different types balers with different applications.

Machine Size

This is an important factor that comes to people’s mind when taking about what can affect the prices of the baling machines. Obviously, the prices will grow up with the increasing of the machine sizes due to the bigger machines will use more raw materials to manufacture.


The output of the baling machines is a vital thing that need to take into consideration when you choosing a proper baling machine. The capacity of the baling machines is also connected to the prices of the baling machines. Generally speaking, the baler machines with high capacity are prone to have a higher price than the baling machines with lower capacity.

The degree of automation

The degree of the automation mainly related to the horizontal balers owing to the distinguishes between the fully automatic horizontal balers and the semi-automatic horizontal balers. The most significant difference between the auto tied baler and the closed end baler is whether the baling machines can tie the bales automatically and this are majorly depended on the baler’s degree of automation. With the higher automation degree, the prices will be higher.  

Customized service

Because of the different situation that the people have, it’s hard to choose a proper baler to completely meet your demands and that’s why the customized service appear. You can get the best solution by customizing a new model that fully designed according to your own request. Different customized options have different prices, so the prices are not always the same for the customized balers.

Baler machine configuration

The configuration of the baler machine also has a great impact on the prices of the baler machines. Each element even it may just a tiny part of the baler machines will directly affect the maintenance and increase the speed of aging, some parts may decide the baler machines whether can work regularly, and that’s why the quality of each configuration need to be mainly focused. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have the configurations from the trustworthy band. Take our fully automatic horizontal baler as an example, it equipped with a PLC system for monitoring and easy controlling of the whole baling process which plays an important role in various baling application. We choose the PLC system from Siemens to make sure that our machine can work stably. Obviously, if we use the high-quality baler configuration, the prices will be correspondingly higher, the same as the price of the baler machine. But there is one thing for sure, that the baler quality will be better by using these famous brand configurations.

The location of where it was manufactured

The manufacturing industries can be found almost in every corner around the world owing to its influence on the economy. According to the different places where the baler machines are produced, there will be some distinguishes on the prices. Basically, the baler machines that manufactured in the Europe or the America are tend to cost a lot. On the contrary, the baler machines manufactured in China will have a competitive price. Generally speaking, the baler machines made in China will definitely meet the basic baling and recycling needs which will have a much lower price than the Europe or America made balers. The only disadvantages are the transferring time, if you live in the Europe or America choose a local brand baler machine will take you less time to have it delivered while the Chinese made baler machines may take a couple of weeks to be delivered. If you don’t in such a hurry time, the Chinese made baler will be the best choice, which cost less and perfectly satisfy your demands.

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