We have a line of baler machines for the cardboards, papers, plastics, textile, fabrics, aluminum cans, agricultural wastes, and oil drums etc. And for some unusual materials we have the specialized balers like the metal baling machines.

It’s vital to figure out the types and the volume of your wastes that you produced daily and the other important thing is to check the dimension of your spaces that prepared to place the balers. If you still can’t make the decision, please provide the aforementioned information and send an inquiry to us, our sales team will be happy to help you find out the best solution.

The most significant difference is the structure of these two types of the balers. And also, the loading methods, tying ways, capacity, productivity and etc. all distinguishes the horizontal balers and vertical balers.

Typically, the auto tied balers have higher degree of the automation which means it will save much more labor and have higher productivity than the closed end balers. In comparison, the closed end balers will need less money than the auto tied balers.

It’s very easy to operate by pressing the buttons, and we will give you a printed instruction for the baler machines to help you learn about the detailed operations. And a video instruction is also provided to you, you can watch it and study how to operate. If you have any problems in operating, we are always here to help you solving the problems.

The balers are very safe to use if you strictly follow the instructions and don’t do the forbidden things. We also have the safety interlock to promise the operator’s safety while using the balers machines.

It depends on which capacity of the baler model you want to get and what materials you need to bale. Basically, take the cardboards as an example, the vertical balers can produce 1 to 2 bales in per hour while the fully automatic horizontal balers can produce 6 to 10 bales in an hour and the semi-automatic horizontal balers can produce 4 to 6 bales per hour.

The bale that produced by the horizontal balers has adjustable length, and for the bales that produced by the vertical balers will have adjustable height. If you want specific bale sizes, you can contact us for the customized services.

It’s obviously that we can compact oil drums by using our drum crushers, which are designed to bale the steel drums. These drum crushers can make the oil drums into flatten one which can be easily stocked and transferred.

We recommend to use the balers indoors, you can arrange it in your warehouse, and for small vertical balers it even can be placed at your stockroom. If you place the balers outdoor, you need to know that the rain, moisture and sunlight will speed up the aging and oxidization of some elements in the balers in some degrees and also raise the happening of the breakdowns.

It depends on which types of the baler you choose. Correspondingly, with the increasing of the hydraulic power, the balers will need more power to run. And commonly speaking, the horizontal balers will need more power than the vertical balers.

We definitely provide the customized services, and there are a lot of options on the customization like the color of the machines, the size of the machine or the size of the bale and etc. All you need to do is to contact our sales team and tell us your specific needs and requests.

We offer a lot of baler accessories like the hoppers, wires, conveyors. The conveyors are used to transferring the materials into the feed opening of the balers while the hopper is connected to the feed opening to prevent the leaking of the materials from feeding. And the wires are used to tie the pressed bales to make sure the bales won’t get loose during the transportation and storage.

We do offer the transportation insurances for all of our baler machines. And once the baler got broken or wrecked during the transportation, you can connect the local insurance company that we insured with. They will give you the reparation when all the insurance process finished.

Our baler machines are all manufactured in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, China.

All of our baler machines are very quiet during the baling process. Hence, you don’t have to worry the balers will cause a disturbance, our balers can be used in various work places.

The lead time is depend on the model you choose and the storage. If we have the model you select in stock, then the lead time will be short. But if we have to manufacture then the lead time will depend on the model and commonly it will be around 30 days.

We offer a 24 months warranty for all of our balers like standard vertical balers, textile balers, horizontal balers, drum crushers, metal baling machines, and other series of our baler machines.

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