Vertical Balers

Drum crusher

The vertical drum baler also called as drum crusher, barrel flattener, barrel crusher, drum flattener. Just as it named, the vertical drum baler is obviously used for the scrap drums handling. It’s hard to deal with large empty heavy steel container and the shape of these drums make the storage a big issue.But the vertical drum baler can easily make the cubic drums into thin pancake which can be neatly arranged and saving a lot of rooms in both storage and transportation.

The most important thing is that if we manually compress the drums, the workers may easily get injured due to the high rigidity of the steel drums, but a vertical drum baler with button control system only need one person to press the button on the panel to finish the whole baling process which will provide a much safer environment for the operators. And inside the chamber, there is a metal blocker for perfect placing the drums in the center to prevent the drums from moving during the baling process and make sure the drums can be completely baled into flatten shape.

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Plastic drum, Steel drum, Fiber drum, Oil drum, Petrol drum, Crude oil drum, Seed oil drum, Gasoline drum, Chemical drums, Fuel drum.

Idea for:

Olive oil industries, Sesame oil producers, Recycling centers, Distribution centers, Manufacturing plants, Recyclers, Scrapyards, Garages, Gasoline seller, Crude oil seller.

Working Video:

Special features:

Long stroke- Making sure these high rigidity drums can be fully pressed.

Liquid drainage channel- The liquid drainage channel can help drain the liquid that residue in the drums out of the baler chamber.

Button control system-The workers can easily operate the machines by simply pressing the buttons on the panel.

Special spikes- Release the air while baling the barrels which will have a safer and more efficient compression.

Hydraulic system-The hydraulic system can easily press materials even the high rebound materials and make sure the bale density at the same time.

Metal stopper- The metal stopper can keep the drums stay in the middle of the chamber, making sure it won’t move during the compression.

Model VDC-T40
Feed Opening(L*W)mm 1015*760
Output (Max.)pcs/h 60
Total Force ton 40
Main Motor kw/hp 5.5/7.5
Machine Size (L*W*H)mm 900*925*2600
Machine WT. ton 1
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