Vertical Balers

Giant Baler

There are a lot of different types of vertical balers to fit for the various application or situation. Giant bale is one of the vertical balers which normally used for the unusual wastes baling process like the aluminum products, non-ferrous metal products and etc. and that’s why the giant bale would not draw so much attention than the standard vertical balers do. Just as it named, this type of vertical balers will make bigger bales than the common vertical balers which will greatly reduce the volume of wastes and help saving time.From the aforementioned application we can know that the giant bale balers will have more powerful ram and need much more power to run because the metal products and other alloy products are having high rigidity.

It’s not safe and impossible to manually bale these metal products into dense bales, people will easily get hurt by the sharp and heavy metal. A giant bale machine will offer a safer operate environment and also optimize the storage and transportation by baling these materials into cubic bales.

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Aluminum cans, Non-ferrous, Copper, Rubber, Hard plastics, Aluminum profile, Metal, Aluminum alloy, Metal container, Tires.

Idea for:

Recycling centers, Natural metal dealers, Manufacturing facilities, Hard plastic recyclers, Warehouses, Transfer stations, Distribution center, Aluminum producer, Beverage cans dealer, Metal recycling industry.

Working Video:

Special features:

High efficiency-Deal with more volume of wastes in per day, can make larger and densier bales than normal vertical balers.

Adjustable bale height-The bale’s height can be adjusted to fit for different needs in bale size.

Higher density- This type of machine can make more densier bales owing to the higher hydraulic power it has.

Button control system-The workers can easily operate the machines by simply pressing the buttons on the panel.

Chain eject system- The chain eject system can easily get the bales out of the baler chamber, and will save a lot of time and energy than manually move the pressed bales out of the chamber.

Hydraulic system-The hydraulic system can easily press materials even the high rebound materials and make sure the bale density at the same time.



Feed Opening (L*W)mm 1400*600
Bale Size (W*H*L)mm 1800*750*500-1100
Bale Weight kg 500-1000
Total Force ton 250
Main Motor kw/hp 37
Machine Size (L*W*H)mm 4660*2280*4200
Machine WT. ton 3.2
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