Vertical Balers

Heavy Duty Baler

Heavy-duty vertical balers are powerful machines that designed to compress bulky cardboard waste into easy-to-transport cardboard bales efficiently. These heavy-duty vertical balers are an ideal solution for a series of industries, including warehouses, wholesalers, manufacturers, large distribution or fulfillment centers, large hotels, retail stores, supermarkets and recycling facilities.

The heavy-duty balers can reduce the volume of different kinds of wastes quickly, making them a more convenient alternative than regular garbage bins. Although the heavy-duty vertical balers will take up much spaces, the reduction of the waste volume is significant. Using a heavy-duty vertical baler saves time and reduces the cost of waste collection and dumpster rental. Most of the daily wastes can be baled into same size bales for an easier handling, storage and transferring. By using the heavy-duty vertical balers, you will save unnecessary cost that used to spend on the labor. The heavy duty will need less engagement of manual and do the baling job even better than manual.

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Cardboard, Paper, Paperboard, Carton box, Tissue, Newspaper, Plastic bottle, OCC, Soft plastic,  Printed paper.

Idea for:

Recycling centers, Natural fiber dealers, Manufacturing facilities, Hard plastic recyclers, Warehouses, Transfer stations, Distribution center, Manufacturing factory, Hotel, Hospital.

Working Video:

Special features:

High efficiency-Deal with more volume of wastes in per day, can make larger and densier bales than normal vertical balers.

Adjustable bale height-The bale’s height can be adjusted to fit for different needs in bale size.

Versatile application-The common wastes and recyclable materials all can be baled by the heavy duty baler.

Button control system-The workers can easily operate the machines by simply pressing the buttons on the panel.

Chain eject system- The chain eject system can easily get the bales out of the baler chamber, and will save a lot of time and energy than manually move the pressed bales out of the chamber.

Hydraulic system-The hydraulic system can easily press materials even the high rebound materials and make sure the bale density at the same time.

Model V1170T40
Feed Opening (L*H)mm 1100*500
Bale Size (L*W*H)mm 1100*700*500-950
Bale Weight (paper)kg 200-260
Total Force ton 40
Main Motor kw/hp 7.5/10
Machine Size (L*W*H)mm 1580*1000*3140
Machine WT. ton 1.5
Model V1280T60
Feed Opening (L*H)mm 1200*550
Bale Size (L*W*H)mm 1200*800*500-950
Bale Weight (paper)kg 300-400
Total Force ton 60
Main Motor kw/hp 11/15
Machine Size (L*W*H)mm 1680*1160*3280
Machine WT. ton 2.1
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