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The vertical textile baler is especially designed for handling the textile like clothes, rags or fiber products like the wool, hemp and etc. Commonly speaking, the vertical textile baler also known as the vertical lifting chamber baler and the textile recycling balers offer a cost-effective solution to textile waste and reusage issues.

Meanwhile, the design of the lifting chamber making the tying process much easier by offering a large operation space and make sure that the clothes or textile won’t get rip. With the ability to pack more textile material into dense bale, these vertical textile balers can maximize the efficiency of baling, storage and transportation for textile recycling companies. These balers are the first choice for increasing revenue and will finally prove to be a rewarding investment. Most of the clothes manufacture, clothes exporters, fiber recycling, textile manufacturing or selling industries should get a vertical textile baler to help you optimize the storage and transportation of the textile or fiber products, and further saving the cost.

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Wool, Textile, Old rags, Jeans, Hemp fiber, Cotton fiber, Old clothes, Canvas, Towel,Woven fabric.

Idea for:

Textile manufacturing plants, Clothing recycling facilities, Second-hand clothing exporters, Clothing dealers, Rag dealers, Towel manufacture, Jeans producer, Wool seller,  Fiber recycling industry, Recycling center.

Working Video:

Special features:

Easy bale tying-The lifting chamber can be lifted up during the tying process which will create a much larger space to do the tying jobs.

Available for cross tying-The large operation space that the lifting chamber provide achieve the cross tying for the compressed bales.

Lifting chamber-The lifting chamber not only ease the tying process but also ease the feeding process which both enhance the whole baling efficiency for textile and fiber.

Easy feeding-The feeding will be more efficient owing to the special structure of the textile baler.

Button control system-The workers can easily operate the machines by simply pressing the buttons on the panel.

Hydraulic system-The hydraulic system can easily press materials even the high rebound materials and make sure the bale density at the same time.


Model VLC7040T30
Feed Opening (L*H)mm 700*460
Bale Size (L*W*H)mm 700*400*450-800
Bale Weight (clothing)kg 60-90
Total Force ton 30
Main Motor kw/hp 7.5/10
Machine Size (L*W*H)mm 1300*900*2900
Machine WT. ton 1.7
Model VLC1170T60
Feed Opening (L*H)mm 1100*500
Bale Size (L*W*H)mm 1100*700*400-1200
Bale Weight (clothing)kg 150-250
Total Force ton 60
Main Motor kw/hp 11/15
Machine Size (L*W*H)mm 1870*1180*3770
Machine WT. ton 2.7
Model VLC1280T80
Feed Opening (L*H)mm 1200*600mm
Bale Size (L*W*H)mm 1200*800*400-1200
Bale Weight (clothing)kg 300-500
Total Force ton 80
Main Motor kw/hp 22/30
Machine Size (L*W*H)mm 1950x1500x5200
Machine WT. ton 4.5
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